Tips to Navigate Holiday-Party Season at Work

It’s the Season of Giving!

Bringing a bottle of wine or another small gift is a welcome gesture that lets your boss know you appreciate their efforts. This is even more important if your boss is welcoming you into their home for the party. Not only will they be appreciative, but it can serve as a unique conversation starter as well.

Dress appropriately

Not sure what to wear to a company holiday party? Be sure to check in with your co-workers to determine the appropriate dress code. If the theme is ugly sweater, then be sure to wear the ugliest holiday-themed sweater you can find. It's also a definite conversation starter. 

Dress appropriately

Not doing so, however, can result in conversations happening behind your back about you not being a team player.

Don’t get distracted by your phone

Having your nose in your phone can come off as disrespectful.  This is a chance to get to know your colleagues on a different level, and sending texts or reading emails prohibits you from focusing on them. Turning your phone off for the duration of the party is 

Don’t get distracted by your phone

a good way to keep yourself present in the conversation.

Avoid Work Talk

The holiday party is an opportunity to socialize with those you spend every day with in a non-work environment. This is the chance to learn more about your colleagues and their lives. Save the work talk for Monday, and enjoy the delicious food, drink, and conversations the evening has to offer!

Consume alcohol in moderation

Drinking too much alcohol at your office holiday party can lower your guard and make you act ridiculous. Don't be the person who drinks too much and then makes a spectacle of themselves. Your behavior will go down as legend, and you may even end up losing your job altogether.



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