7 Tips to Keep Work From Taking Over Your Life

1. Protect your time away from the office

If you do have to take work home, make sure you set strict time limits for yourself, so it doesn’t eat up all of your out-of-office time. Triage the important stuff.

2. Keep one day meeting-free

Lots of companies establish one day a week as “meeting-free,” where no one is allowed to schedule any kind of mandatory group gathering.

3. Work from home if possible

If telecommuting is an option for you at your job, take advantage of it. Even one day or half day a week can help keep you grounded and give you that little bit of extra space.

4. Fit in exercise

Build this into your work day, with something as simple as a half-hour walk during your lunch break. Exercise will keep you healthy, sharp, young, and full of endorphins.

5. Schedule blank time

Make sure you block off time in your schedule when you have nothing on, not even family commitments or doctor's appointments.

6. Make family a priority

The people you love and who love you in your life aren’t expendable, and your job should know that. Make time to be there for the people that you love as a rule, not as an exception.

7. Take vacation

Vacation and personal time exist for a reason. Take every day you are allowed. You’re supposed to use these days, and you will be glad you did.



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