Tips to Become More Innovative at Work

1. Change your mindset

With deep thinking and creativity, you may be able to find a less obvious solution to work better.

2. Consume inspiring content

Oftentimes creative ideas aren’t always completely new and original, but actually stem from divergent disciplines and concepts.

3. Walk outside

In fact, studies have shown that exercising and walking can boost your creativity by up to 60%.

4. Get others involved

Seeking input from colleagues can help you better refine your idea and become more aware of any blind spots you may have missed.

5. Start small

Oftentimes, it’s the small tweaks and improvements that can have the biggest impact. So, starting off with small innovations is a good way to work your way up.

6. Seek role models

Role models can be an important source of inspiration. And through learning and emulating their habits, you can, in turn, become more innovative yourself.

7. Don’t fear failure

Without execution, ideas aren’t much use. Try to not overthink all the things can go wrong and just take action.

8. Question assumptions

Assuming that something is correct because it has always been done a certain way is the quickest way to stifle innovation.

9. Broaden your professional network

Expanding your professional network can provide you with access to new ideas, innovative technology and activities or programs to expand your creativity, positivity innovation in the workplace.

10. Attend events

Attending any events that helps spark creativity, such as writing workshops or art classes, are good ways to boost your innovation abilities.



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