Tips On How To Stay Positive While Looking For A Job

Stay Up To Date With What’s Happening In Your Industry

Don’t let yourself fall behind just because you’re not working.  The best approach is to learn more about your particular industry. This way you will be ahead of your competition when it comes time to interview.

Explore Potential New Careers

It’s never too late to try to learn a foreign language or a new piece of computer software.

Positive Thinking

Do not focus on the negatives—you need to be able to bounce back.  Concentrate on the skills and knowledge you have. Sitting around saying “what if” all the time is only going to further depress you.


You can do this at a church, hospital, homeless shelter, or non-profit organization. Volunteering will open your eyes to people who are less off than you and give you a sense of contribution and gratitude. There is no greater reward than helping people who are less fortunate than us.

Keep A Routine

Don’t get into the bad habits of waking up late, sleeping in the afternoons, or procrastinating around the house. Get up at your normal time, eat properly, and get some exercise (walking is free!).

Manage Your Expectations

Not every job you apply for will be a success. Don’t be put off by this. Instead, concentrate on the positives and look at what you achieve each day. 


Maintain contacts and stay in touch with people. Make sure you network with positive people!  Again, avoid negativity. Negative thinking does nothing to help your situation.

Avoid Negative People

Negative thinking is of no value to you. You need to be around positive people and people who can have a positive impact on your life.

Support Group

You may feel as though you’re the only person in your situation without a job, but guess what—you’re not.  Reach out to people for support. There are many groups that provide excellent assistance in the areas of resume writing, interviewing, and job hunting

Don’t Give Up!

If you focus on conducting a proactive job search, not only will you find great jobs, great jobs will find YOU!



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