Tips On How To Get Your Dream Job In 2023

1. Focus on specifics

Having topline stats, achievements, or successes to share can highlight your transferable skills if you’re hoping to move into a new area.

2. Network for the long term

Networking doesn’t have to be as blunt as trying to land a new job through someone directly. Consider it an exercise in making connections, and don’t forget about mutually beneficial networking.

3. Get to grips with ATS keywords

ATS keywords are specific words or phrases that employers have identified as requirements for a role. Keep them in mind as you tailor your application to each job you apply for.

3. Get to grips with ATS keywords

Match keywords and job titles from the job listing and keep the formatting of your CV simple and clear.

4. Keep track of opportunities

A great location to start your employment hunt is on job boards. Join online groups and email lists connected to the topics you are interested in.

5. Update your online presence

You may not realize the importance of your internet presence. Taking into account how you promote "Brand You" online can open up new opportunities to demonstrate why you're the greatest candidate.



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