Tips for Surviving Your Office Holiday Party

Don't skip it

If you receive an invite to your office's holiday party, be sure to attend. Not showing up to the party sends signals that you don't care, or you aren't part of the team.  It can also lead to awkward moments the following workday when your teammates are all laughing about 

Don't skip it

something that happened at the party and you're left out.

The two drink maximum

There are a myriad ways to contribute to the holiday spirit, without overindulging. Maintaining a level of composure is crucial, especially when a conversation with your superiors could be five minutes away. Focus on having fun that keeps you out of the Monday morning gossip pool.

Stay away from sensitive subjects

Office flings are obviously a sensitive subject, but it isn't the only subject to avoid and never say at work. Typically, workers in an office environment are most comfortable around their peers. They've developed a certain rapport where it's understood which subjects are on- or off-limits.


Many people are more relaxed at the holiday office party; everyone is unwinding from their week, and spirits are bright! This is a great opportunity to forge connections with people from other departments, or those with whom you haven’t had a chance to connect. 

Be serious about office parties, but have fun

Office parties are a great opportunity to bond with your co-workers, make new connections, interact with your boss (and their bosses) on a deeper level, and even position yourself for a promotion. Don't shy away from your office holiday party because of the potential pitfalls. Embrace it.



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