10 Tips for Parents Working From Home With Kids

1. Focus on the positives

It won’t always be easy, but focusing on the positives (and reminding yourself of what you're avoiding in the office) can help enormously on stressful days.

2. Optimize your workspace for focus

Although you don't have to stick to this 100% of the time, assign one area of the house as your dedicated workspace.

3. Schedule meetings wisely

You may prepare for interruptions by teaching your kids to give a nonverbal "do not disturb" signal when you're on a conference call.

4. Be upfront with your colleagues

The worst thing you can do is pretend everything is fine, approach work the same way you did in an office, and insist you don't need any help.

5. Nurture creative activities

Your kid probably isn't going to sit quietly and read a book all day while you're working. If you're responsible for childcare, keep your kids immersed in play by nurturing creative activities.

6. Adjust your schedule

Just like kids, adults thrive on routines and work much more efficiently when we have a schedule.

7. Work in short bursts

If you're responsible for childcare, your best option may be to work in short bursts when you’re able to, such as when the children are sleeping.

8. Get technology on your side

Whether it’s having a bit of fun setting your own video conferencing background on Zoom or taking time to create a tech stack that makes your job that much easier, choosing the right applications can make a world of difference.

9. Be easy on yourself — and ask for help

If you're a parent juggling work and childcare, you deserve a medal and all of the opportunities you can get for a helping hand.

10. Know when to switch off

Being a parent, chances are you’ll need to account for some flexibility when it comes to drawing up your daily schedule. Still, it’s important to set a time when you can confidently say you’re finished for the day.



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