Tips For Leaving A Job Well

1. Honor your boss and coworkers

Before you leave, honor those you’ve worked with. Share how your fellow employees impacted your life and career. Help them understand you still care about them. By honoring your coworkers, you show you recognize their value.

2. Leave on good terms

Make sure your successor is prepared well. You can accomplish this by leaving a paper outlining your normal tasks, the software you frequently use, and more (if you have Leader Standard Work, this is a wonderful method to describe what your role does).

3. Stay focused

It can be challenging to maintain present-moment awareness once you've given your notice. You're more concerned with the future, making connections with new coworkers, and other things.

3. Stay focused

However, while you complete the final weeks at your current company, you must maintain your focus. You've agreed to work for them, they're paying you, and they depend on you.

4. Connect with your connections

You’re no longer in a place of familiarity. You’re moving on to something else. What do you do to stay connected? Work LinkedIn. Message your contacts on Facebook.

5. Watch what you say

When you badmouth your former employer or coworkers, you say more about yourself than you do about them. If there was trouble in the office, keep it to yourself. Don’t splash it all over social media. If you have disparaging videos, you make sure those never see the light of day.



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