Tips for Learning About an Interviewer Before You Meet Them

1. Research the Company

Observe the company's online presence on social media and its website (include LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram company profiles). You'll learn about the things the firm supports, the market and sector it operates in, and the people and goods it is emphasizing.

2. Talk to People

Talk to your mentor, your network, and any other individuals you share a connection with the interviewer. Ask them if there is anything they can tell you about how the interview might go, their interests, or what they will be looking for in your responses. 

3. Research the Interviewer

Examine their LinkedIn profile, paying close attention to the sections titled "About" and "Experience," as well as any recommendations they may have received. What do you discover about this person's career development, their interests, and their future plans?

4. Find the Connections

With your research and lists in hand, now identify the similarities. Where do you and the company share common goals, interests, experiences and concerns? Do these connections now reveal questions you could ask in the interview or issues you might face if hired?

5. Ask About Company Culture

Demonstrate your interest in the company culture, whether by asking a follow-up question or initiating the question on your own, so that your interviewer sees you're keen to become part of the team.

6. Prepare for the Interview

Prepare to meet this individual who you already know a great deal about now. You can tell what they care about, how long they've worked for the organization and in their sector, and what kinds of candidates they prefer.



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