Tips for Eating Healthy at Work

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

There are plenty of quick and easy ideas and recipes you can follow for a protein-fuelled breakfast to keep you feeling full and satisfied until lunchtime.

2. Don’t Be a Desk Diner

To refrain from turning your desk into a bacteria cafeteria, start making a conscious effort to at least eat your lunch away from your everyday surroundings.

3. Plan Ahead

In order to make sure you’re fully prepared to embark on your wellness journey, plan out your meals in advance before you go on your weekly supermarket shop.

4. Get Real about What’s Healthy

If you’re serious about living a cleaner lifestyle, start familiarising yourself with the health benefits of what you’re eating.

5. Control Your Portion Size

You may even want to start following a balanced diet where you weigh portions with the right amount of food per day.

6. Pack Your Food the Night Before

To make sure you’re all ready for work, get your food sectioned and packed the night before so you can easily grab it on your way out to work!



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