Tips for a fantastic work party

Plan in advance

While an impromptu lunch or celebration is a wonderful idea, most office parties are better when planned in advance. Ask your employees for input on what they’d like in an office party.  After all, staff parties are for your employees and they’ll be more likely to participate and 

Plan in advance

have fun when the theme, food, games, activities and prizes are something they enjoy.

Add a game or activity

Scavenger hunts, icebreakers, board game marathons, photobooths, karaoke, trivia, charades and similar team-building activities help people relax, do something other than make small talk, and enjoy themselves. Just be sure that games are fun, low pressure and that everyone can participate, regardless of age or physical abilities.

Make it a themed party

Giving your office party a themes can help break the ice. Favorite music eras, tiki night, carnival themes or “ugly holiday sweater” days can get employees into a social, light-hearted mood.  Having something to talk about right away alleviates some of the awkwardness that might come with

Make it a themed party

work parties, takes the focus off work and makes socializing easier.

Throw in a prize or a few

Everyone loves a raffle, and prizes don’t have to be elaborate. For example, gift cards for local restaurants or online shopping outlets are always appreciated and can help raise festivity levels. Other prize ideas include: a bonus day off, company swag, tech gadgets, a charitable donation on their behalf, etc.

Serve really good food

Cater, order take out, plan a potluck or if your party is virtual, try giving your employees a food delivery voucher.  Make sure you have plenty of options for everyone’s dietary choices (e.g., vegetarian, dairy-free) so everyone can participate.

Get out of the office

Getting out of the office is one way to boost engagement levels and increase the chances that everyone will enjoy themselves.  A ballgame, theater event, trip to an amusement park or tour of a local attraction can invigorate work relationships and energize teams.



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