Things You Can Do To Improve Your Career

Set Small Goals Regularly

Think about your day-to-day work. What could you be doing to elevate that work? Are there skills you could learn to help you advance? Think about this for a bit and then make a list of goals that relate to these items. And then, once you've set the goals, give yourself a deadline to have learned these things.

Curate Your Work

Do you have any idea how many amazing things you've done this year? Probably not, because you aren't curating that great work anywhere to revisit it. There are countless places for you to store this work in a cloud. When you've got a great portfolio of work 

Curate Your Work

you've produced and are proud of, it's like writing your resume as you go.


Spend time reading blogs, big and small. Spend time reading books about your profession. Read business books that stretch your thinking.  Reading new things can start conversations when you're networking and can also build your own career with new ways to do things and different 


work and life hacks to make life flow a little more smoothly.

Network Brilliantly

Networking brilliantly is about leaving a positive impression. And it isn't just LinkedIn.  Attend industry events and local events and meet as many people as you can. This will also help in being curious about your industry.

Be Curious About Your Industry

Spend time each and every week as a student of your industry or company.  Study your industry and company as if you'll be tested on them. Ask questions of people in your space. Ask your manager and colleagues questions. Ask your company's customers how they feel.

ABL (Always Be Listening)

Even if you are really happy in your current role, it never hurts to listen to other opportunities and build relationships with new people in the industry. In fact, that's what you're supposed to be doing if you want to grow and improve your career.



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