The top business wear garment trends for 2022

The top business wear garment trends for 2022

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1. Power jackets

Blazers fell out of fashion through 2020-2021, but now many are heading back into the office again, jackets and blazers are once again in vogue.  Great for adding a clean-cut finish to any business outfit, a power jacket elevates business separates to an authentic professional look.

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2. Black & white workwear dresses & suits

Vibrancy is in throughout 2022, whether through the bright hues covered later in this post or the high contrast in black and white. For women, a black or white midi dress is among the top office dresses UK workers choose as they head back to the office. Whereas for men, a well-tailored suit will never go out of style.

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3. Crisp white shirts

The home-working life freed many up not to spend so much time thinking about what they would wear to work.  Many wish to continue this trend as they head back to the office.  Hence, a crisp white shirt is an easy option that everyone appreciates because it’s forever professional and never goes out of style.

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4. Printed blouses

Many have found that the old style of women’s workwear no longer fits the casual work dress style they demand.  For many, smart dresses for work are out, and comfortable shirt styles are in.  The big winner here is printed blouses that are easy to wear, practical, professional and incredibly comfortable for a day’s work.



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