The Biggest Workplace Trends In 2023

Flexible Hours / Four-day working

Along with the daily commute, 2023 could be the year that we wave goodbye to another long-standing convention – the five-day working week.  Reducing the overall number of hours worked is an exciting experiment with potentially positive implications for mental 

Flexible Hours / Four-day working

and physical health. Although it’s unlikely to become mandatory, workers will increasingly look for opportunities with companies that offer flexibility as an incentive, meaning those companies that do will have first pick of the best recruits.

Remote and Hybrid Working

Home, remote and hybrid working arrangements are set to become standard - at least for knowledge workers.  Although it’s still relatively early days when it comes to assessing the societal impact of such a huge change, initial reports suggest that this 

Remote and Hybrid Working

flexibility leads to increased worker happiness as well as higher productivity.

Collaborative online working tools meet the metaverse

Whether working remotely or in centralized offices, the impact of the metaverse is likely to be felt in a growing number of organizations throughout 2023.  Aspects of the metaverse experience – such as avatars and persistent, multi-purpose environments are likely 

Collaborative online working tools meet the metaverse

to play an increasingly prominent role in our working lives during 2023.

Workplace Surveillance

With more staff working out of the office, businesses are likely to continue to invest in technology designed to track and monitor their activity in 2023. Organizations that get it right will be those that ensure it is implemented in a fair way, with a focus on assessing quality of employee output rather than quantity of input.



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