The Best Job Markets in America

Nashua, New Hampshire

Nashua has all the ingredients for a thriving jobs market: a high standard of living, plentiful high-paying jobs, and no income or sales taxes.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Workers are searching for locations with a similar environment and career possibilities as they leave California due to its high cost of living. Scottsdale is a general term.

San Jose, California

The informal name for San Jose is Silicon Valley's capital. It is close to Valley tech giants like Apple in Cupertino and Mountain View-based Google. Nearly three times the national average, the average income in the region is $170,000.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando increased the number of private sector jobs by 87,900 in 2021, an 8% increase from the previous year. In trade, transportation, and utilities; leisure and hospitality; and professional services professions, it picked up speed.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a hub for technology, as well as for the biotech, medical, and maritime sectors, and it serves as an example of an employment trend to be aware of.

Austin,  Texas

Talk about a city that is recovering. Austin has even eclipsed the job losses brought on by the 2020 pandemic. With a 4.11% job growth rate, it came in second only to Salt Lake City.

San Francisco, California

The economy of San Francisco is driven by the IT and startup sectors. Despite the migration caused by the pandemic, new opportunities are available.

Portland,  Maine

The city enjoys lower unemployment and higher hourly earnings than the average in Maine.

Columbia, Maryland

This Maryland city came in second for socioeconomic factors. Remote work is fueling the job market here, with workers opting for this town’s family-friendly atmosphere, low unemployment, and strong salary offerings over bigger cities, such as Baltimore.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The arrival of corporations such as Adobe Systems, 3M Health Information Systems, and Microsoft fueled job growth here. 



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