15 of the Best Home Office Essentials

1. Computer

Find the right computer that meets your needs in terms of screen resolution, speed and storage space. Consider using or purchasing a laptop if you prefer the flexibility it provides.

2. Office chair

To sit in front of your desk, you’ll need a comfortable and ergonomic office chair.

3. Ergonomic or standing desk

Find a desk where you can comfortably perform the majority of your work. Make sure the desk you use has enough space for your computer, monitor and other items you need within reach.

4. Laptop stand or support table

If you use a laptop at home, consider purchasing a laptop stand to prop it up on your desk.

5. Noise-canceling headphones with a microphone

If you plan to make video calls with your manager, team or colleagues, you need a pair of headphones with a reliable microphone.

6. High-speed internet

High-speed internet usage is necessary for the majority of office occupations. You can quickly and easily move around your business when necessary with the help of a good Wi-Fi modem and router.

7. USB power strip with surge protector

This gadget adds an extra outlet space and keeps your cables and cords more organized, and you can charge your phone or tablet via USB.

8. Good lighting

Consider purchasing LED bulbs for your desk lamp to prevent eye strain and headaches.

9. Filing cabinet

Consider purchasing a filing cabinet if you need to store and organize important documents.

10. Desktop organizer

Purchase a desktop organizer to store all of your writing utensils and notepads to keep clutter at bay.

11. Desk pad calendar or planner

For days your home office is chilly or you just need a little extra comfort, consider purchasing a cozy throw blanket.

12. Plants

If you want to add visual interest to your space, opt for a few low-maintenance plants.

13. Paper shredder and trash can

If you need to get rid of sensitive or confidential information and documents, invest in a paper shredder.

14. Essential Oil Diffusers

Without occupying much space, you can discover the comforting benefits of aromatherapy while you’re clocked in.

15. Unique prints and personal photos

Add some personal flair to your office space by incorporating some unique prints on either your wall or desk.



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