The Best Gift Ideas for Your Boss's Birthday

Business card holder

Business cards can get lost or crumpled up when tucked into wallets or folders.  A business card holder keeps them secure and pristine, making it perfect to fit in a pocket or suit coat.

Gift card

A gift card is a great way to provide a thoughtful gift to your boss while remaining within reason.  You can even place the gift card in a birthday card or envelope to exercise discretion. 

Gift basket

There are a variety of gift basket themes and sizes you can choose to give to your boss for their birthday.  For example, if you know they enjoy gardening, you could get them a gift basket filled with seed starting kits, gardening tools and seed packets.

Notebook set

If your boss enjoys taking written notes during meetings, they may benefit from a set of notebooks.  You can choose a print, color or sentiment that works well for your boss to make the gift more personal.

Travel gear

Travel gear encompasses several different areas from neck pillows, toiletry holders, passport holders, travel bags and more.  If your boss travels a lot for business or personal matters, giving them a travel-themed gift ensures it is something that will be of use to them.

Specialty alcohol

A bottle of wine, a whiskey sampler or drink making kit may be a perfect gift for your boss that they can use to celebrate a personal life event, holiday or business venture.

Tickets to a concert or event

If you know your boss well enough to know their favorite band or hobbies, you can purchase the tickets to an upcoming event you think they'd enjoy with family or friends.


A book whether it be about a particular hobby, historical event, business topic or genre can be a personal gift idea for your boss.

Office slippers

For a boss who is at work early and leaves late, a nice pair of slippers can add comfort to their daily work routine.

Unique office accessories

Fun office accessories help personalize an office space.  For example, a bedazzled stapler or a unique tape dispenser can be a fun and comic addition to your boss's desk.



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