The Best Career Advice for 2023

1. Work on a side hustle after hours

Working after hours on a side hustle for $0 focuses effort on your skill stack. Skill stacks build empires later down the line.

2. Learn a new skill

Careers are built on skills. If you’re stuck on a plateau or feel like your career is going nowhere, look for a new skill.

3. Update your LinkedIn profile

Recruiters, business owners, and hiring managers don’t hire resumes. They hire people. LinkedIn has the potential to show much more of your human side than a lifeless A4 copy of a printed resume ever will.

4. Help your colleagues level up

When your colleagues succeed, you succeed.

5. Change jobs if you’re too comfortable

Job hopping helps keep you in a state of growth. Plus, our lives are made up of multiple careers. We don’t have one anymore. This paradigm shift still hasn’t got planted inside many people’s minds.

6. Invest your salary in assets to buy your time back

Going to work for money to pay bills is the worst reason. Take part of your salary and invest it in proper financial assets.



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