The Best and Worst Time of Year to Look for a Job

Best times to look for a job

There is no standard hiring season because every sector and profession is unique. However, for a variety of reasons, many experts concur that the start of the year is a fantastic time to hunt for a new position.

Best times to look for a job

When a business is expanding, teams gain new impetus throughout the beginning of the year and into early February by bringing on new members to help them achieve their objectives.

Worst times to look for a job

Even if it's not impossible to get work in the middle of the summer or around the holidays, it's best to avoid looking for a job during those periods as a general rule.

Worst times to look for a job

The fewest openings are advertised in the middle of the summer, both for seasonal and permanent employment, as teams are typically juggling a variety of employees taking summer breaks.

Worst times to look for a job

Applying for jobs just before the end of the year is a bad idea because everyone is anxious about the holidays and vacation time. 

How far in advance to look for a job

Choosing how long in advance to start looking for a job presents one difficulty in determining the optimal time to do so. One to three months before to your desired employment start date is the optimal time to begin your new job search

Look when it’s best for you

The best time is always right now, so keep searching. Maintain momentum, continue looking, and don’t give up until you land a coveted offer; the right opportunity is just waiting for you to pursue it.

How to prepare for a job search

Now that you are aware of the ideal period for job searching, it is time to update your CV and get ready for interviews. Compile a list of references and personal recommendation letters before you start sending out your resume.



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