Spring Boot Interview Questions For Freshers

Spring Boot Interview Questions For Freshers

Ahoy, aspiring Spring Boot enthusiasts! Welcome to the realm of Java's most popular framework. Get ready for an exciting journey into the magical world of Spring Boot. 

Spring Boot Interview Questions For Freshers

Get ready as we go through dependency injection, autoconfiguration, and microservices architecture. Let's dive into the world of Spring Boot and discover the secrets that will take your coding journey to new heights!

1.  What are the advantages of using Spring Boot?

2.  What are the Spring Boot key components?

3.  Why Spring Boot over Spring?

4.  What is the starter dependency of the Spring boot module?

5.  How does Spring Boot works?

6.  What does the @SpringBootApplication annotation do internally?

7.  What is the purpose of using @ComponentScan in the class files?

8.  How does a spring boot application get started?

10.  What is Spring Initializer?

11.  What is Spring Boot CLI and what are its benefits?

12.  What are the most common Spring Boot CLI commands?



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