Spring 2022 Fashion Trends to Wear to the Office

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends to Wear to the Office

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1. Pleated Midi Skirts

One of the most wearable trends for the office, Spring 2022 is all about the pleated midi.  Printed, plain, colourful, monochrome, paired with knits or paired with a blouse – as long as it’s pleated your golden.

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2. Metallic

We are still embracing shiny statement pieces but they are getting a little more subtle.  No need for sequins and jewels to adorn your entire body, just drape yourself in liquid gold. It’s a more grown up (and office appropriate) take on shine which I can appreciate. Think slip dresses, layering tanks and flowy blazers.

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3. White Suits

Suits are still low on the radar for many, especially if you are mainly working from home but this workwear staple is either coming back full of color (see below) or completely void of color in BRIGHT white.

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4. Statement Pants Suits

This really doesn’t have to be a suit. Think head-to-toe brights however you accomplish that.  But I am happy to see color return to suits. And not just any color but eye-catching, statement colors with padded shoulders and wider trouser legs for a fresh silohuette.  Try one for a color injection into your office wardrobe.

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5. Seasonless Knits

You know I love my separates and I’m so very happy that minimalist, ribbed knitwear is moving up in the trends.  Think of this a dressier alternative to athleisure. Now you really have no excuse for putting on sweats this Spring.



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