Small business ideas for women


The beauty industry is worth over 500 billion US dollars. And the demand for various beauty treatments is growing every year.  If you love taking care of your skin, you might want to consider getting a certification as an esthetician and opening your own beauty salon.

Make-up artists

Another beauty-related business idea is becoming a make-up artist.  You can do make-up without a certificate, but you can get one in any beauty school if you want. Start with doing make-up on friends and family and get referrals that way.

Personal chef

Personal chefs are becoming more popular in large cities where busy professionals don’t have time to cook but still want something nutritious and delicious.  You can find clients through friends and family, working with people locally.


If you are passionate about fashion, why not start your own styling business?  Many people are looking for styling advice, and you can start by offering free consultations until you build a reputation.


Getting a certification for being a nutritionist might take longer, but it’s also a great option if you love food and a healthy lifestyle.  You can find clients through friends and family and work with them face-to-face or offer online coaching.

A personal trainer

If you love fitness and the gym, you could get a certification and start working as a personal trainer.  It’s fairly easy to get certified in most countries, and you can start by getting clients through friends and family until you build a regular roster of clients.

Interior designer

You can start your own interior design business if you have an eye for design. If you always get compliments when someone visits your home, it’s a sign that you have good taste and skills in decorating. So, utilize them and offer interior design consulting, either in-person or online.

Freelance photographer

Freelance photography is a highly sought-after business skill. If you have photography skills or have always wanted to learn photography, you can easily find work taking photos for brands worldwide. Freelance photographers can make anywhere between $25 and $100 per hour on average.



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