Six Tips for Working Remotely

1. Establish a work zone

If you don’t already have one, try to create a dedicated office area, even if it’s just in a corner of your bedroom.

2. Keep connected to your team

If you’re not used to working remotely on a regular basis, you may start to feel disconnected from your colleagues and even lonely. Video conferencing can help bridge the gap.

3. Determine your work style

To make the most of your workday, find out what environment is most conducive to your productivity. For example, you may prefer working in a bustling cafe or in silence.

4. Prioritize your wellbeing

Investing in your health and wellness is crucial to happiness and a surefire way to avoid “cabin fever.” Make time to stretch between meetings.

5. Create a new norm

Try to follow your normal work routine to stay productive. If you normally shower every morning or listen to a podcast on your commute, you should still do those things.

6. Channel harmony

It's easy to misinterpret sentiment when so much communication happens electronically. So, be mindful of your tone on channels like email and instant message, and ask lots of questions to seek a better understanding.



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