10 Simple Rules You Should Follow For The Works Christmas Party

1. Turn Up!

Take some time to engage in conversations with colleagues and take a moment to thank the organiser for their efforts. 

2. Fancy Dress? Or “fancy” Dress?

This rule’s a pretty simple one but can mean you avoid an embarrassing faux pas when making your entrance.

3. Don’t Forget, You’re Still Technically At Work

Whilst you may have had a little Dutch Courage, it’s definitely not the place to discuss your job role, wages or grievances you may have. 

4. Use Social Media Wisely

It’s not always a good idea to post photographs of the evening’s shenanigans onto social media.

5. Know Your Limits

Whilst it’s nice to have a glass of wine or two, please know your limits and be responsible with your drinking.

6. Get To Know Your Colleagues

This more relaxed and casual environment is a fantastic opportunity to network with your colleagues, some of which may work in different locations.

7. Don’t Call In Sick

If your work’s Christmas Party is on a school night, no matter how hung-over you might be the next day, don’t call in sick.  We all know what’s wrong with you and you’re not fooling anyone!

8. Getting Your Groove On

If you’ve got the opportunity, feel free to get your best shape-throwing, dad-dancing moves out for everyone to see – after all, who doesn’t love hitting the dancefloor every once in a while?

9. Who’s Going To Drive You Home?

Making sensible arrangements beforehand can prevent any unforeseen problems and ensure you arrive home safely.

10. Say Thanks

Last but by no means least, always thank the organiser and your boss for hosting a good festive party.



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