15 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately

1. You Have Absolutely No Interest in the Work You’re Doing

Your grumbles and eye rolls at work may be an indication that something is wrong. That wrong is just your lack of interest in the job you joined for experience or money.

2. Your Job Is So Routine, It’s Become Boring

Many of us spend our entire lives working the same job. If you don't like your current job, there might be a better one out there for you.

3. You Dread Going to Work in the Morning

If you dread going to work for an extended period, you’ll undoubtedly consider resigning sooner or later.

4. You Feel Stuck

It’s one of the signs you have to quit your job if it doesn’t provide you with enough opportunity to either demonstrate your talent or improve as a professional.

5. You’re Not “You” Anymore

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you start hearing “you used to be…” statements.

6. You’re Noticing Physical Changes Because of the Stress

When you feel intense anxiety or despair and unexplained headaches and ailments during the workday, know that work stress is harming your mental health.

7. You’ve Entered a Spiral of Negativity

A workplace filled with negativity can hurt your physical well-being. Workplace stress and toxicity can deplete your energy and lead to burnout.

8. You Have No Time for Yourself

Everyone is concerned about striking a healthy work-life balance. Work-life balance is important if you’ve been neglecting your family since you’re working 90 hours a week.

9. Time Isn’t on Your Side

Some people spend decades trying out several careers before finding the one suitable for them. On the other hand, staying in unfulfilling work is a waste of time.

10. You’ve Got a Wandering Eye

If you get excited when you hear about your friends’ employment or find yourself daydreaming about a completely new field, it’s time to admit the truth: you and your job aren’t meant to be.

11. You Daydream a Lot

Suppose you’re always pondering, “What if?” you should consider quitting your work.

12. Mondays Are Your Least Favorite Day of the Week

If it’s Sunday night and you’re dreading going to bed, it’s most likely because you don’t want to go to work the next day.

13. Everything feels overwhelming

Work can be stressful but if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious at every little setback or problem that pops up it may be a sign you’re headed towards burnout.

14. You No Longer Smile at Work

Consider the last time something positive happened at work that made you happy.

15. You wouldn’t want your friends to work there

You often want the best for your friends and family, so if you don’t think your company is good enough for them consider that a sign you should quit.



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