Signs Of Burnout At Work

What is job burnout exactly?

Job burnout is the result of long-term job stress that wasn't recognized and addressed before it spun out of control. 

Signs & Symptoms of Job Burnout

– You’re losing confidence that you can achieve your goals; – You avoid work-related tasks; – You feel exhausted;

Signs & Symptoms of Job Burnout

– You’ve lost interest in your work; – Your performance at work is declining; – Your efficiency at work is dropping.

3 types of burnout

Job burnout can be further broken down into three sub-types:

Overload burnout

Overload is what most people think of when they imagine burnout. It’s continuing to work at an unsustainable pace in pursuit of success, financial security, or recognition.

Under-challenged burnout

People need to feel stimulated and engaged to be satisfied in their careers. Without passion for what they do, they lose interest and disconnect.

Neglect burnout

Without a sense of purpose and agency at work, people feel helpless. It’s hard to stay engaged when you feel like nothing you do makes a difference.

How do you diagnose work-related burnout?

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re beginning to burn out, ask yourself the following questions:

How do you diagnose work-related burnout?

1. Are you having more bad days than good days at work? 2. Do you find yourself unusually low or irritable at the end of the weekend?

How do you diagnose work-related burnout?

3. Do you have stomach aches, digestive upset, or pains in your back or neck? 4. Are you having headaches more frequently than usual?

How do you diagnose work-related burnout?

5. Have your sleep habits changed (either much more or much less sleep than usual)? 6. Have you been having trouble focusing on work or understanding what is expected of you?

How do you diagnose work-related burnout?

7. Do you fantasize about quitting or losing your job almost constantly? 8. Are you too exhausted to do anything fun or interesting when you’re not at work?



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