Resume Trends To Follow in 2023

Get on board with remote work

Job boards like FlexJobs and Remote OK cater specifically to people looking for remote work, while even the larger job boards have hundreds of thousands of remote jobs listed. Even if you aren’t working remotely, you’re likely to be dealing with people who are, which 

Get on board with remote work

means that highlighting experience managing remote workers or your ability to use remote tools like Slack and Zoom is always a plus.

Bypass ATS with resume keywords

ATS search your resume for a set list of keywords, which means they’re pretty easy to bypass.  The key is to not overdo it — after all, you don’t want a resume so stuffed full of keywords that it gets rejected by the first person to read it. Instead, use a tool like our skills and keywords

Bypass ATS with resume keywords

finder to search for relevant keywords and scatter them naturally throughout your resume.

Have multiple versions of your resume

One of the best ways to land a job is to tailor your resume, which means you’ll end up having at least a few different variations of the same resume.  This could be as simple as adding a resume title or as in-depth as curating which jobs you list when applying for roles in different industries.

Quantify your impact with concrete metrics

The easiest way to show the actual impact you had in a role is to use numbers in your bullet points. This allows hiring managers to get a better feel for how you’re likely to perform in the new role. It’s also a good way to stand out in a sea of applicants, as the vast majority of resumes don’t fully quantify their accomplishments.

Prove that you’re competent with technology

Even in low-tech fields, a little tech savviness goes a long way.  Being able to troubleshoot problems and use common technologies can make the difference between hitting the ground running and struggling to keep up.

Update and link your social media profiles

Whether you’re always on social media or not a huge fan, there’s no doubt that it’s become an important part of job searching. Our best tip for how to instantly modernize your resume in 2023? Add a link to your LinkedIn profile, GitHub, or portfolio to the top of your resume (next to your contact details).

Highlight transferable skills

These days, nobody expects to stay in the same job for their whole career — the average tenure of a new job is less than five years.  With that in mind, it makes sense to build your resume around skills that you can take with you — in other words, transferable (or soft) skills.

Use a simple chronological resume format

In 2023, we’ve seen a lot of resume trends come and go. Infographics, functional resumes, and online resume builders have all come … and gone.  What’s here to stay is the classic, easy to read chronological resume.



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