6 Resume Mistakes To Stop Making Today

1. Being vague throughout your resume

To write a resume that stands out, you’ll need to do more than simply list out your daily tasks. It’s so important to write a detailed resume that showcases your particular skillset.

2. Writing a generalized resume

You don’t necessarily need to redo your entire resume for each role you apply to. However, it is beneficial to tweak your resume based on the job description.

3. Not listing out your accomplishments at work

Compared to simply telling the hiring manager what your previous responsibilities were, sharing your accomplishments shows the value you can offer the company.

4. Including irrelevant information

To make sure hiring managers only read the relevant parts of your resume, take out the outdated information that may not be applicable to the role.

5. Using Passive Tense Throughout Your Resume

The way you write your resume may make all the difference when applying to roles. That’s why you need to use action verbs over a passive tense throughout your resume.

6. Not running a spellcheck

Attention to detail is essential for most jobs out there. If you have multiple grammatical and spelling errors, your resume will land in the trash folder right away.



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