8 Remote Work Mistakes to Avoid

1. Always Being in Work Mode

Even though you work at home, you’re allowed to take breaks, grab a cup of coffee, and have a complete lunch break away from your desk—just like you could if you were in the office.

2. Lowering Your Productivity

While you can and should profit from working remotely, you shouldn't abuse the freedom to your advantage.

3. Not Setting up a Home Office

One of the advantages of working from home is that you can work from wherever you like. That could mean the library, a coffee shop, or even while traveling around the world in some cases.

4. Not Setting Boundaries

The critical thing is to stick to boundaries. When it’s work time, all you do is work. No thinking about (or doing) household chores. Then, during the designated “home” time, do errands and chores.

5. Assuming You Won’t Need Childcare

Being flexible doesn’t mean that you won’t ever need childcare while working.

6. Ignoring Your Health

If you’re feeling run-down, consider how much time you’re committing to your overall well-being compared to when you worked in a regular office.

7. Not Establishing a Routine

Not creating a daily routine is another typical work-from-home error. Similar to how you have a regular time to arrive and leave the office, working from home should follow a pattern.

8. Failing to Communicate

Whatever communication tools your team has in place, ensure that you’re utilizing them so you continue to feel like a part of the team and enjoy continued career growth.



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