Top 9 Recent Resume Trends in 2023

1. Don't Shy Away from a Career Break

Simply ignoring a professional break and leaving a void in your job without explanation can cause the reader to draw inaccurate conclusions about you and your career.

2. Highlight Your Soft Skills

While technical skills (hard skills) are important, soft skills such as communication, adaptability, and problem-solving are often more coveted traits of an employee.

3. Focus on Data-Driven Accomplishments

By integrating data, metrics, and specific details into your resume, you are providing evidence for potential employers that you are great at your job and that you will be a valuable hire.

4. Create a Human Resume and an ATS-Friendly Resume

The key to an effective resume is to build a document that is effective when a human looks at it, while also being effective when put through an applicant tracking system.

5. Share Your Professional Social Profiles

When you share content on LinkedIn, it opens up discussion and networking opportunities with other thought leaders in your industry.

6. Ditch the Conventional Order

On your resume, you are claiming that you’re great at what you do, so you need to provide evidence (data) to back up that claim.

7. Show + Tell Your Remote Work Experience

Action words convey what you actually did versus what your responsibilities were.

8. Tailor Your Resume to the Company or Position

When applying for a position, take note of the company, and see if any of your past experience aligns with their mission or their clients.

9. Choose a Simple Design

Infographics and bold design elements are slowly falling out of favor; minimalism is the latest trend in resume layouts.



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