React Native Basic Interview Questions

React Native Basic Interview Questions

Welcome to our React Native interview basics post! In this compilation, we've compiled some fundamental questions that are often asked in React Native interviews. 

React Native Basic Interview Questions

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, these questions will help you refresh your knowledge and prepare for technical discussions. Prepare to dive into topics such as React Native architecture, components, styling, navigation, and more. 

1.  How Different is React-native from ReactJS ?

2.  What is Flexbox and describe any elaborate on its most used properties?

3.  Describe advantages of using React Native?

4.  What are threads in General ? and explain Different Threads in ReactNative with Use of Each ?

5.  Are default props available in React Native and if yes for what are they used and how are they used ?

6.  How is user Input Handled in React Native ?

7.  What is State and how is it used in React Native?

8.  What is Redux in React Native and give important components of Redux used in React Native app ?

9.  Describe Timers in React Native Application ?

10.  How to debug React Native Applications and Name the Tools used for it ?

11.  What is Props Drilling and how can we avoid it ?

12.  Describing Networking in React Native and how to make AJAX network calls in React Native?

13.  List down Key Points to integrate React Native in an existing Android mobile application



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