How to maintain professional connections during the summer vacation?

Professional Connections 

Summer is a time of rest, but you shouldn't forget to maintain your professional connections. After all, it's key to your career development.  Here are some tips on how to maintain professional connections during your summer vacation:

Keep in Touch Through Social Media

For example, you can tag a colleague in your summer photos, share vacation news, or simply write a private message.

Invite Your Coworkers to Events Together

You can invite them to a picnic, a hike in the mountains, or even a beach vacation. This will help maintain friendships and stay in touch.

Calls and Video Conferencing

Don't forget about periodic calls and video conferences. It's worth setting aside time to discuss the latest news, projects and ideas.

Stay Up-to-Date on Professional Events

If you know there will be an interesting conference or seminar during your vacation, share that information with your colleagues.


Participate in conversations on professional forums and groups. This will help maintain your expertise and give you the opportunity to share your experiences with your colleagues.

As a Result

Keeping professional connections during your summer vacation not only helps maintain friendships, but can also benefit your career. Stay connected and enjoy your vacation!



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