Top 10 Positive Character Traits to Help You Succeed at Work

1. Dependable

Once you are trusted to do a task, you eventually become dependable when you consistently do what’s asked of you. Dependability also shows itself in simply showing up when you are expected to.

2. Organized

You’ll need to stay organized if you want to succeed in the workplace. An organized worker is able to work more efficiently, and you’ll become more reliable to coworkers.

3. Resilient

Resilient workers embrace challenges and use them to their advantage. When things don’t go their way, they bounce back from the loss because of how they’ve learned to handle adversity.

4. Responsible

Responsible workers make great employees and coworkers because they get the job done and they get it done right, which saves others time and resources to focus on things they need to focus on.

5. Gritty

Grit makes you want to learn a skill, develop that skill, and not give up when that skill becomes increasingly difficult to master. It also means making those skills and interests productive in your everyday life.

6. Flexible

Flexible workers are adaptable. They can change with the times, whether that means switching up their tasks or learning new skills that will come in handy for future reference.

7. Self-starter/motivated

Self-starter employees have a drive for success; they aren’t ones who need hand-holding to get all of their tasks. They take initiative on projects.

8. Efficient

An efficient worker uses their time wisely, making sure to get work done in an appropriate time frame. They also set up process to make their lives and coworkers lives smoother from an efficiency standpoint.

9. Empathetic

Empathy is a positive character trait that can be very beneficial at work because it shows that you care about other people and their problems.

10. Team Player

A team player understands their role and does what it takes to help the team (or business, or company) win and be successful.



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