10 Pieces of Career Advice for Professional Success 

1. Do a job you enjoy

Doing a job you enjoy can motivate you to improve your performance and excel in your career.

2. Find a mentor

Surround yourself with people you admire and look up to, as they will help you grow professionally and in life. Seeking a mentor or career coach can go a long way towards enhancing your career.

3. Go outside of your comfort zone

Make sure to venture out professionally and take on new tasks, however daunting they may seem. You’ll gain unique experience and learn skill sets that will forever be with you.

4. Show up early

Showing up early shows you are responsible and mean business.  This is especially true for job seekers showing up to a job interview or internship.

5. Dress for the job you want

Even in today's more casual workplaces, maintaining a neat, professional appearance can pay off and put you on the right track to getting the job of your dreams.

6. Learn to take criticism and make the most of it

While most people approach receiving criticism in a negative light, accept criticism with grace and use the feedback to improve yourself.

7. Work harder than everyone under or above you

Improving your work ethic in comparison to those around will help you excel and do good work at whatever you choose to do.

8. Sit down and evaluate your career every few years

Take the time every couple of years to evaluate your competencies and current life situation, your overall goals, and whether they align with your current career.

9. Live by the 80/20 rule

80 percent of the impact can be done with 20 percent of the work. Work hard and smart.

10. Be nice and have a positive attitude

By having a positive attitude, you contribute to a better work environment and keep yourself on the track to success.



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