PHP Interview Questions

PHP Interview Questions

Are you ready to step into the world of PHP programming and demonstrate your skills and knowledge? PHP, the popular scripting language for web development, offers a wide range of options for creating dynamic and interactive websites. 

PHP Interview Questions

Whether you're an experienced PHP developer or just starting your journey, preparing for PHP interview questions is essential. In this publication, we've put together a collection of insightful PHP interview questions that will test your understanding of the language and its concepts. 

1.  Differentiate between variables and constants in PHP

2.  What is a session in PHP?

3.  What does PEAR stands for?

4.  Explain the difference between $message and $$message.

5.  Is PHP a case-sensitive language?

6.  What are the different types of variables present in PHP?

7.  What are the rules for naming a PHP variable?

8.  What is the difference between “echo” and “print” in PHP?

9.  Tell me some of the disadvantages of PHP



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