Online business ideas for women

Freelance web developer

Building websites is a lucrative business idea for you if you have a passion for IT and coding.  Every business needs an online presence, and with the technologies always changing, they will always need someone to help them build the perfect website.

Podcast producer

Podcasting is also on the rise, and all podcast shows need audio editors and producers.  If you have the skills or want to take an online course and learn the skill, then you might consider starting a podcast production company.

Video editor

If you love filming and editing videos, then starting a video editing business is a good way to go.  Video editing skills are in demand, so you’ll be able to find a ton of work, commercial and private (working with Youtube creators or other small entrepreneurs).


If you have always wanted to be a published author and write a book but want to remain anonymous, you could start a ghostwriting business.  You can ghostwrite blog posts, articles, books, and everything in between from the comfort of your own home.

Freelance graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you can create brand identities and website designs for corporate or private clients and work with ad and marketing agencies to help them design promotional materials.

Freelance illustrator

If you have always loved to draw and create art as a hobby, you might want to consider becoming a freelance illustrator.  You can work with ad agencies, create ads, work with authors to create book covers or simply take on commission work with brands.



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