Office Party Ideas to Try

Morning coffee and breakfast

This office party idea can be affordable, quick and easy. Local coffee shops often offer healthy breakfasts and deals for businesses in their neighborhood.  Get your team’s day started with a breakfast of fresh fruit, smoothies, nutritious juices and high-quality coffee.

Office awards ceremony

A great way to recognize employees for their individual accomplishments and top strengths, an office awards ceremony party involves giving out awards (e.g., trophies, certificates) for superlatives like most creative, friendliest, best at meeting tight deadlines and best cubicle decorations.

Classic (or unconventional) holiday party

A staple at many companies, annual office holiday parties are a great way to end the year with a bang and show your employees that you appreciate all of the hard work they did throughout the year.  From hot chocolate to Secret Santa to ugly sweaters, holiday parties can be a great

Classic (or unconventional) holiday party

mood booster and team bonding event.


Potlucks are a wonderful way to celebrate diversity, enable employees to show off their culinary or baking skills and get them talking about their own interests. Depending on the size of your staff, make sure to provide at least one main dish and dessert, along with refreshments and paper products.

Virtual company party ideas

Virtual tastings: From tea to wine to cheese, virtual tasting events can be a creative way to engage your team from home. Tasting items are typically sent to employees ahead of time and an expert guides the team through the tasting via video chat. Online crafting or cooking party: In lieu of

Virtual company party ideas

an in-person holiday party, you could try sending each of your employees crafting supplies or recipe ingredients and make or cook something together on camera.   Virtual scavenger hunt: In this fast-paced virtual game, partygoers are tasked with finding specific items

Virtual company party ideas

around their house and presenting them on camera to their coworkers (e.g., favorite mug, pet selfie, high school yearbook, newspaper).



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