Office Party Ideas for Work Celebrations in 2023

Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties and office happy hours are one of the best work party ideas. These events give employees the chance to relax and socialize while having a drink.  You can take the party to a local bar or rent out an event space, or book a bartender to visit the office. To make the  

Cocktail Party

event space, or book a bartender to visit the office. To make the event more memorable, you can create signature cocktails, or give the group mixology lessons.

Office Awards

Hosting an awards ceremony and party is a way to make staff feel even more special.  Most companies order custom-made trophies to hand out to winners, with categories ranging from “rookie of the year,” to “customer service award,” to “top performer.” 

Office Awards

Humorous categories like “ruiner of everybody’s diets,” can also be fun.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are one of the most popular office party activities.  Posing for pictures is fun enough, but you can entertain your guests even more by hosting a photo competition and offering a prize to the team with the funniest photo.

Potluck Party

Food has united humans for centuries. Potluck parties are a basic and low-cost office party idea that are easy to plan and execute.  For best results, create a sign-up sheet, so no two colleagues bring the same items, and no one forgets drinks. 

Casino Night

Casinos feature various forms of entertainment, such as food, drinks, gambling, dancing, and live performances. There is something for everyone to enjoy, meaning that casino nights are great themes for office parties.  You can either take a trip to the nearest casino, or transform your office into a swanky lounge.

Casino Night

If you choose the latter option, then decorate your workspace with glitter, feathers, cards, and dice. You can set up game stations like blackjack and roulette, and help your teammates perfect their poker faces by running team building activities like Two Truths and a Lie. 

Office Games

Holding Olympics-style games is a fun way to blend celebration with competition. For entertainment, partygoers can team up and square off in a series of challenges like relay races and desk chair soccer.  Winners can get trophies or medals, and all the “athletes” can get festive 

Office Games

after the games by sharing snacks, drinks, and sportsmanlike conversation.

Murder Mystery Party

During your party you can play a fun murder mystery game. First, get a script, then assign parts to players. Participants act out characters and read lines, and partygoers stay alert for clues to try to solve the mystery before the activity ends. Props, costumes, and dramatic flair make the game even more fun.

Black-tie Breakfast Party

One of the best office party breakfast ideas is to host a black-tie breakfast. A black-tie breakfast party starts the day off on a fun and fancy note. This affair involves more than a box of bagels on the breakroom table.  The dress code is cocktail attire; think dresses, suits, or 

Black-tie Breakfast Party

upscale pajamas. This type of party is great for big days when your team has a formal presentation, and needs to arrive in formal dress.

Office Movie Night

Movie nights are classic office get-togethers in part because they are so easy to throw together. At minimum, all you need to throw a movie night is a film or two and a television or screen and projector. Of course, these events are more fun if you add extras like popcorn and candy, and movie trivia games.



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