Office Party Do's and Don'ts

Do follow the instructions on the invite

Firstly make sure you RSVP after you receive an invite. Read and adhere to the instructions mentioned – party theme and dress code.  The invite will also tell you if you are expected to attend with your spouse or partner. If required do inform the name of your guest.

Do use the opportunity to network

Use the opportunity to network, make new friends and create a better rapport with colleagues across departments.   Discuss hobbies and other interests for deeper connections with people. Network with people who you may not be directly working with but may play a role in furthering your career.

Do not talk shop or complain about your workplace and colleagues

It’s very easy to get into the trap of gossiping and cribbing about one’s workplace and colleagues at office meet-ups.  Keep away from joining such office groups. Your original seemingly harmless remark may get blown out of proportion and retold all over office. 

Do not get inebriated

Needless to say, it’s highly inappropriate to be over drinking at an office party. Know your limits and stick to them.

Do arrange for transportation after the party

It is the prudent thing to think about your transportation back home after the party.  Get colleagues who may live in your area to car pool that day and hire a driver for the drive back. If that’s not an option taking a taxi is the best solution.



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