Office Holiday Party Ideas for Your Company

Cookie decorating

Cookie decorating can be a festive activity for your holiday party. Providing different flavors of cookies in various shapes and offering decorative materials like colorful frosting and edible glitter allows your team members to express their creativity. You can also do a theme like decorating gingerbread houses.

Sporting event

Taking your work team to a sporting event is another exciting alternative to a traditional office party.  Hockey, football or basketball games are great events for the fall and winter months. 

Gift exchange

A holiday gift exchange is a classic office party activity. Randomly assign your team members to buy a gift for another person on the team.  Establish a budget so everyone knows approximately how much to spend on a gift for their partner.

Movie night

Hosting a movie night is a cozy and relaxing way to enjoy time with your coworkers. You can have this party or at someone's house outside of work hours. Inviting everyone to wear their favorite pajamas and providing movie snacks like popcorn and pretzels can make this a fun and memorable event.

Costume party

Costume parties can be fun at any time of the year.  Establishing a theme like ugly holiday sweaters or favorite TV characters encourages your guests to put together creative and thematic outfits. You can also have a costume contest with prizes for the winners.

Ice skating

Ice skating is another activity you can enjoy with your work team. Depending on your region and the time of year, outdoor skating rinks can be festive venues for a work party. Indoor ice skating rinks can also be a great alternative option in warmer weather.


For work teams that enjoy competitions, bowling can be an exciting party activity.  Hosting your work party at a bowling alley allows everyone to take a break from the office and socialize while playing a game. Most bowling alleys also provide snacks and drinks to enjoy.

Office superlatives

Awarding office superlatives is a fun and creative way to recognize your team members' quirks and show your appreciation for them. Giving personalized awards is a fun way to recognize a unique aspect of each of your team members. These can be funny or genuine.

Mystery party

A mystery party engages your work team in solving a mystery puzzle while enjoying dinner or snacks.  This keeps guests engaged in a story while they work together to solve the mystery. Mystery parties are great for team-building.


A karaoke party can be a fun way to enjoy music with your team. Renting one or more karaoke machines and taking turns singing to your favorite songs is a great party activity.  Consider sticking to a theme, such as holiday songs or retro songs from a particular decade.

Retro game day

Hosting a game day for your work team is a great opportunity to enjoy some classic card or board games. Have every member of your team bring in their favorite childhood game to play. Introducing some lighthearted competition to your party can keep your guests engaged and enjoying themselves.

Selfie station

Putting together a selfie station allows your guests to take pictures so they can remember your holiday party. Include different background options for guests to use. You can also provide dress-up props like wigs or hats so your guests can accessorize before taking their pictures.

Food truck

Consider hiring a food truck to cater for your holiday party. Hosting a food truck in the office parking lot and inviting your team members to enjoy a picnic outside is a fun way to celebrate holidays during the warmer months. It's also a great way to support a local business by hiring a local food truck owner.

Hot chocolate bar

During the winter, a hot chocolate bar can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays in your office.  Having different hot chocolate flavors like milk, peppermint or caramel lets your guests choose what kind of hot chocolate they want to enjoy.

Charity or volunteer event

Although this option may not be a traditional office party, hosting a charity event or having a volunteer day for your organization can be a great way to break from the typical workday while making a difference in your community. 



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