Office Birthday Ideas for Employee Celebrations

Gift time-off

Giving employees the day off for their birthday is a creative and heartfelt way to celebrate. Giving one free day of paid vacation during the week of their birthday allows them to spend the day exactly how they want. This recognition shows employees that companies value their personal and professional life.

Create a video

Sending the team member a personalized video is a meaningful way to celebrate them.  Record a group of coworkers answering funny and interesting questions about the birthday person. Then edit all the clips into one interview-style video as a fun tribute. 

Serve birthday breakfast

Instead of the traditional cake celebration, try a birthday breakfast. Let the birthday employee decide what type of food they want to have on their special day. This could be donuts from their favorite bakery, the best bagels in town or even a buffet-style breakfast with a spread of fruit, pastries and mini quiches.

Give custom gift cards

Find out what the honoree loves to do as a hobby or passion project outside of work and give them a gift card to support their interests.  This is much more personal than a gift card to a chain restaurant. If you don't know them well enough, ask one of their close coworkers for ideas.

Let the Employee Choose a Gift

Gift services allow you to preorder a gift amount and send a link to an online catalog.  This allows employees to choose any gift from the list instead of the company choosing an item. Gifts of this type often range from kitchen tools to sports equipment.

Order local

Order a local delicacy that everyone can enjoy. Maybe your local bakery makes amazing cookies, or a sweet shop across town specializes in pastries the office loves. Put in an order a few days before so the delivery is on time for the birthday celebration and the office can enjoy a more exciting and rare mid-day treat.

Try an alternative cake

You can also stick with the office cake tradition but change it a little. Do a cheesecake, cupcakes or something with non-traditional flavors like a carrot or pineapple upside-down cake. Check with the honoree to see if they would like a cake alternative such as pie, cookies or even a healthier indulgence like fresh fruit skewers.

Do a white elephant gift grab-box

Similar to a white elephant gift exchange, this celebration starts with everyone bringing in a fun gift at the beginning of the year. A spending limit would be set based on the company. Everyone wraps the gifts and they are labeled with a number and stored away until someone's birthday.

Involve senior leadership

Recognition from leadership is an effective way to celebrate employees' birthdays and create a close workplace culture When senior leaders take the time to acknowledge a birthday celebration, they help employees feel more valued.

Donate to charity

Instead of a gift card, a donation to the honoree's charity of choice can be a great way to celebrate. If the team is small, you could also spend the day volunteering together for the charity the birthday person supports. Be sure to announce both the birthday and charity on company channels to recognize the employee.



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