15 New Year’s Resolutions to Inspire You at Work

1. Be more positive

Be grateful for where you are and the job you have. You’re there because you were really excited about it at one point so find that fire inside you and list what’s great about your current situation.

2. Do something for you every day

It’s human nature to get caught up doing things for others and forget to do something for yourself. This is your year to make a change and do something for yourself every single day.

3. Learn something new

Maybe it’s time to learn something new and develop your skills. If it’s something that will enhance your current job, your company may even be willing to pay for it.

4. Make new connections

Even if you’re not looking for a new job, networking is something you should still put effort into.

5. Revamp your social media profiles

Take a look at your online profiles - are they in line with your professional image? If not, don’t fall into the trap of making well-known social media mistakes, and give your pages a revamp.

6. Improve your to-do list

Is your to-do list currently a few scribbles on a post-it note that always happens to disappear? It’s probably time you upped your list and organised your time a little better.

7. Rethink your professional goals

Think about what it is you want to do in the new year and set yourself some goals to work towards your target.

8. Reduce stress

If you’re feeling super stressed at work, you need to take a step back and find out where the stress is coming from.

9. Stay out of office politics

From now on, if a colleague tries to engage in a little gossip sesh, give one-word answers that won’t back-fire like ‘wow’ or ‘interesting’ and follow with an ‘I’m really busy, I’ll catch up with you later’.

10. Build your personal brand

Your personal brand is a reflection of yourself, your experience and the knowledge that you possess. If you don’t have a brand, it’s time to start building one.

11. Quit complaining

If you’re that person that is always complaining about the state of the office kitchen or any other irrelevant topic, it’s probably time to quit complaining.

12. Get a raise or a promotion

If you’ve been in your current role for a while and have hit a bit of a slump, it’s time to talk to your boss and understand what it will take to get a raise or a promotion.

13. Get your career in shape

The start of a new year is the perfect time for a career check. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to fall into a routine of cutting corners, cruising at half speed and losing focus.

14. Eat healthier at work

This year learn to resist temptation and swap the calorific options for healthy snacks that will keep you just as satisfied throughout your working day.

15. Exercise at work

This one might be a long shot, but if you can’t get yourself to the gym, why not squeeze in some exercise at work?



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