New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for the Office

Throw an End-of-Year Praise and Awards Party

Celebrate your team’s noisemakers with an end-of-year awards ceremony! Here are a few ways to show your appreciation and reward a job well done: – Create an Employee Spotlight page on your website acknowledging their hard work. – Offer end-of-year bonuses to every

Throw an End-of-Year Praise and Awards Party

team member. – Single out your highest producers, your most motivated or inspiring, or your most effective leaders with a plaque, monetary award, or company swag.

Distribute Swag at the Stroke of Midnight

If you want to keep the festivities low-key, without contests, and so on, consider giving out swag to all of the attendees. Who doesn’t like a new travel coffee mug or a sweatshirt? Receiving new swag can promote your company values while showing that you appreciate their efforts over the last year.

Schedule a Costume Countdown Contest

Dressing up isn’t just for kids. Throw a costume countdown contest for your team.  Not only will this build morale, but it will also foster a valuable soft skill–their creativity!

Host Make-it-to-Midnight Talent Competition

Host a Make-it-to-Midnight talent competition to spotlight their talents.  You may have a superstar singer or an accomplished pianist on your hands. By hosting a talent competition, you’ll encourage them to step into the spotlight and be their full selves. 

Foster a Festive Foodie Competition

When we think of a New Year’s Eve party, it’s difficult not to think of lush spreads of food. Consider throwing a festive foodie competition or a unique culinary event for your team. This is a fun way to hone their creative skills and engagement. And as for the results? Everyone can enjoy a taste of victory!



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