Networking Your Way Into The New Year

Family Gatherings

You may come from a large sprawling family with lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles. Most of them are employed, and many of them are connected in one way or another with the human resources director of their company. They may know that the company is hiring but holding a posting for the first of the year. 

Neighborhood Parties

Parties are an opportunity to meet people, and you never know who you'll meet.  You could go to a party given by a neighbor and end up talking to the CEO of Company XYZ. Conversation leads to the CEO learning that you are currently available.

Connect on Socail Media

Don’t delay in getting in touch with your contacts via LinkedIn, Twitter, or a Facebook business page.  That way, you’re able to establish the connection while you still have momentum—and get one step closer to that face-to-face meeting.

Use Holidays Cards to Refresh Your Contacts

Turns out the most old-school thing you can do during the holidays—sending snail mail season’s greetings—can also provide a chance to reassess who the real VIPs are among your business contacts.



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