7 Myths About Career Transitions That Are Keeping You Stuck

1. It's not the right time for a career transition

As time passes, life just gets busier. Really, there is never a good time to make any kind of change. Simply starting is the only way to know what will happen.

2. Career transitions are too hard

Yes, there is a level of effort and discomfort involved in undergoing any transition. Yet, the ROI on your effort might very well be rewarded with significant career advancement.

3. I don't have the money to make a career transition

When changing careers, you may have to pay for things like networking events, job seeking, and even wardrobe upgrades.

4. I don't have the money to make a career transition

Nevertheless, you must not let that prevent you from locating and engaging in employment you enjoy.

5. I don't know the right people to make a career transition

You shouldn't let the lack of the necessary contacts stop you from beginning your career transition. In actuality, the very act of beginning your job change will bring you nearer to the people who can assist you.

5. I don't have all the skills required to make this career transition

You can always acquire new skills, and gain more knowledge and experience over time. However, some missed opportunities are hard to re-create or come by again.

6. What are people going to think about me?

Make peace with the fact that your decisions may not please everyone. Instead, focus on your long-term vision and plans to make necessary changes.

7. What if I fail?

Keep your eyes focused on the prize. Visualize positive outcomes, and see yourself successfully completing your career transition.



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