Top 5 Most Stressful Professions

1. Police Officer

Every day, police officers put their lives in danger to serve and protect the public. They never know what the day will bring, such as drug-related violence, a missing child, or a person in need of a place to sleep.

2. Firefighter

Firefighters face life-threatening situations in ever-changing conditions, entering burning buildings to extinguish fires and rescue individuals. 

2. Firefighter

This makes the list of most stressful career fields because while most people think firefighters only work with blazing buildings, there are other areas requiring their responsiveness.

3. Event Coordinator

Not all dangerous jobs are stressful jobs. Bossy parents, haughty CEOs, and diva brides engage event managers to make their big day flawless.

3. Event Coordinator

Since perfection is illusive, event planners need to have the best negotiating and conflict resolution abilities to diffuse tense situations before they spiral into catastrophes.

4. Photojournalist

Photojournalists push the boundaries of stress and risk, whether they are crawling in the trenches with soldiers, lurking a few feet away from a mother lion and her cubs, or navigating a presidential news conference.

5. Airline Pilot

Flying a plane is harder than it looks, and not everyone is trustworthy enough to sit in the captain's chair.

5. Airline Pilot

This makes our list because pilots are responsible for the safety and security of thousands of passengers every month.



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