Master Gmail  With These  6 Best Hacks  and Tricks

Master Gmail With These  6 Best Hacks and Tricks

Your email is a key business and customer communication tool, so it's important to know how to write professional and effective emails. 

Master Gmail With These  6 Best Hacks and Tricks

Here are 6 of the best Gmail hacks, tips and tricks to help you become a real pro at writing emails:

Use Templates

Create templates for repetitive messages to reduce the time and simplify the process of writing emails.

Send Emails at the Recipient's Convenience

Using the Boomerang for Gmail extension allows you to choose when emails are sent so that they are delivered at a time that is most convenient for the recipient.

Use the "Delayed Send" Feature

Gmail has a built-in feature that allows you to delay sending a message, which can be useful if you want to review your message or send it at a certain time.

Use Deleted Messages

If you accidentally send a misspelled message, you can quickly delete it from your Sent Items folder within seconds of sending it.

Organize Your Email

Use filters and shortcuts to automatically sort your inbox and find important information quickly.

Use the "Reply With Privacy" Feature

This feature allows you to send messages with privacy settings to prevent the message from being forwarded or copied without your permission.



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