Laravel Interview Questions  For Freshers

Laravel Interview Questions  For Freshers

Laravel is a popular PHP framework known for its elegance, simplicity, and rich feature set. To help you succeed in your Laravel interview, here are some common Laravel interview questions for freshers. 

Laravel Interview Questions  For Freshers

Familiarize yourself with these questions and their answers to showcase your knowledge and passion for Laravel development. Let's dive into the world of Laravel and discover the key concepts that will set you up for success in your interview.

1.  What is the latest Laravel version?

2.  Define Composer.

3.  What is the templating engine used in Laravel?

4.  What are available databases supported by Laravel?

5.  What is an artisan?

6.  How to define environment variables in Laravel?

7.  Can we use Laravel for Full Stack Development (Frontend + Backend)?

8.  How to put Laravel applications in maintenance mode?

9.  What are the default route files in Laravel?

10.  What are migrations in Laravel?

11.  What are seeders in Laravel?

12.  What are factories in Laravel?

13.  How to implement soft delete in Laravel?

14.  What are Models?



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