Labor Market

What is Labor Market?

The labor market, often known as the job market, is a place where employment demand and supply collide. It helps to build a skilled workforce that thrives in an environment of competition, advancement, and economic growth. 

Labor Market Significance

Above all, knowing the employment market aids recruiters in determining how many workers need to be employed.

Labor Market Significance

Additionally, it enables them to take advantage of workforce productivity and achieve long-term prosperity in order to prevent any sort of financial disaster.

Labor Market Components

To clarify the labor market information, here are its four components:

1. Candidate Population

In other words, it refers to those who are interested in a particular job and who are applying for it, and it indicates their participation rate. Additionally, recruiters scan the labor market for candidates who meet their requirements for a particular position.

2. Manpower Participation

It refers to the total number of persons who are available for employment in the labor market, including all workers who offer their services for a job regardless of their profession.

3. Appointed Individuals

After contemplating many details and a successful screening method, it displays the candidates selected for the position.

4. Candidate Pool

This is the true group of applicants who predominantly express their interest in the position by submitting resumes. Additionally, it can be seen as the start of the application process, where the hiring department of the business gathers and evaluates applications.



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