Top 10 Jobs That Will Be in Demand in 2023

1. Data Scientist

Average hourly wage: $52.24 Data scientists analyze the numbers and other information to figure out the best ways for their businesses to be more successful.

2. Nurse Practitioner

Average hourly wage: $56.75 Nurse practitioners can perform many of the tasks that doctors do, such as creating treatment plans for patients, managing medical histories and supervising registered nurses.

3. Information security analyst

Average hourly wage: $54.46 Information security analysts are the watchdogs who work to prevent these security breaches from happening.

4. Home health aide

Average hourly wage: $14.07 Because people generally are living longer, there has been skyrocketing demand for workers who can assist adults with their daily living activities

5. Web developer

Average hourly wage: $38.09 Web developers make sure those sites function properly while also updating them to include new functions that make them easier to use.

6. Travel agent

Average hourly wage: $22.39 With many people eager to start globe-trotting again after years of being relatively homebound, businesses such as hotels are hiring additional help to manage reservations.

7. Physician assistant

Average hourly wage: $57.43 Physician assistant, or P.A., is another health care role that has more responsibilities than a nurse but less than a doctor.

8. Choreographer or dancer

Average hourly wage: $19.47 for both Maybe it’s the popularity of viral dance videos on TikTok, but demand for dancers and choreographers has surged in recent years.

9. Market research analyst

Average hourly wage: $36.58 Employers in industries as wide-ranging as public transportation, health care and pet supplies are looking for workers who can help them locate the best opportunities for success.

10. Umpire, referee or other sports official

Average hourly wage: $24.86 School districts, recreational leagues, and major and minor professional leagues need officials who can keep the games fair and free-flowing.



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